There are many ways to enjoy Dartmoor, whether you're walking, climbing, running or cycling, but they can sometimes be as treacherous as they are inspiring.  Dartmoor is a remote wilderness, covering  368 square miles of heath, valley, farmland, high moor and bogs capable of taking life and its changeable weather and conditions are renowned.  Even the most experienced walkers have been caught out by the weather, or overtaken by darkness or injury.


Mobile phone signal is often very poor or non-existent, and batteries drain very quickly in the cold: don’t rely on just a mobile for mapping or communications.


Having said all that, Dartmoor is also glorious, exciting and an adventure wonderland!  To make the most of it and stay safe, have a look at the Mountain Rescue Stay Safe Factfile and spare a few moments to prepare yourself before setting out, using the information below.


Check the Weather

Check the weather forecast and daylight times before your walk.


by text

Texts require less signal than phone calls, so register your phone for emergencySMS before you go out on the moor.  See the guide.

Military Ranges

Dartmoor has 3 Firing Ranges.  Do not enter the ranges when the red flags are visible.  Check the website for firing times.

Route Card

Use this simple route card and leave it with someone at home or where you are staying.


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