DSRT Tavistock comprises around 45 callout members who have different skillsets and experience, above and beyond that of being a MREW Hill Party Member.   All team members have to undergo training to achieve the standards required to be a member of Mountain Rescue and are the back-bone of the team.


Medical Team

MREW Cas Carers are trained to a high level of remote medical care provision. Continued training is given by the team's many doctors and healthcare professionals.




Hasties have, amongst other skills, exntensive experience in trail running and are deployed by search managers to search possible routes a missing person may have taken when travelling light.



Search Dogs

DSRT Tavistock currently has four operational Search Dogs.  Both dogs and trainers have undergo years of training before being qualified as operational in MREW.



Rope Team

The Rope Team is trained to carry out  rescue on steep ground and on crags, where rope systems and potential stretcher hauls have to be rigged safely and in difficult conditions.



4 x 4 Drivers

Advanced off-road driving is a crucial requirement of the team, with some members undergoing Advanced Driver Training for the team's two 4x4 vehicles.



Swift Water Rescue

The Water Team undergoes extra professional training to meet international rescue standards, alongside the Fire Service.



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